Capture Your Grief- Day 20. Forgiveness and Humanity

      Day 20 has had me stuck for the last week. Forgiveness and humanity.  Forgiving and accepting the humanity of myself and others. I don’t really know if I’m ready for this one and the project says to only do what we’re comfortable with. Can I forgive myself?  Forgive my humanity?  I am only human after all and it’s expected that I’ll mess up and make mistakes in this life and on this journey.  I’ve made a lot of mistakes but so have those around me.  Do I forgive them?  Sometimes I want to and other times I’m not ready. I guess I will when the time is right.  Maybe then they’ll be able to forgive me too.
This isn’t about one person but the many I have lost. I do want to forgive them but I really want them to understand that I’m not nor will I ever be the person I was before the loss of Reason. I still love these people, truly, No matter what. I just wish they still loved me.


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