Capture Your Grief- Day 19. Music

     I have too many songs for Reason to fit in a blog post; so I made a YouTube playlist of some of them here. I say some because everyday I hear a new song that makes me think of her and I haven’t had a chance to add all of them to the list. 
      Music has been an incredibly powerful tool for me on my grief journey.  It has the ability to make me smile at the thought of the amazing memories we made together and also cry because of all the things we’ll miss out on. A single song can bring out the most intense and astounding combination of emotions. I listen to songs I know will make me cry because in that moment I feel like I need to cry. Sometimes,  when I listen to those songs it’s because in those moments I need to feel closer to her.
     Music was such a big part of our life together.  I listened to music during my pregnancy sometimes with head phones on my belly. I had an entire playlist for my labor and sometimes I still revisit it. I was so excited and danced in labor to try and get her here. She still didn’t want to come the proper way.  My stubborn girl.


                 My pretty dancer.


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