Capture Your Grief 2015- Day 15. Wave Of Light

     You may have noticed I skipped Day 14, I may or may not come back to it later but day 15 needed to fall of the correct day. Today’s Capture Your Grief subject is Wave of Light. Today is the official day for Pregnancy and Infant loss awareness.  Today, all around the globe, loss families and friends of loss families remember those babies who left the world too soon.  I’m so lucky to have amazing friends and family who lit a candle for Reason. I myself was not able to but Reasons Grandparents and my husband made sure to have a very special candle burning.


     So many of my friends had candles burning for my sweet girl.


               Thank you, Ashley.


                  Thank you, Kristin.


                     Thank you,  Rita.

     I get so much support on my grief journey both from people within the loss community and those outside of it.  I know in that I’m extraordinarily lucky. Now,  my support online from friends back home is better than that of my friends here but it’s too be expected.  The friends back home knew me when I was a mom,  they knew my daughter and the people here didn’t have the honor of meeting her. I wish I had a local chapter of Compassionate Friends, or a similar group but for now online will do.
     My hope for the loss community is that we stop growing but I know that will never happen.  I also hope that more families will be allowed to grieve as they need, that no one will be silenced when they speak off their children.  I hope our wave of light lets those who have gone before know how loved and missed they are. May your light shine on, Reason Rayne. ❤




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