Capture Your Grief 2015- Day 8. Wish List

     The Capture Your Grief Project wants us to explore our wishes for this grief journey.  Obviously, my greatest wish is to not be on it but since that isn’t going to happen I’ll see what wishes I can come up with. 
      First and foremost I wish to keep dreaming of my daughter because sometimes my dreams offer me a glimpse of what I would have had with her.  Last night I had a dream about potty training, for most parents it’s a pain and a mess and this thing that has to be done but for me it’s a memory I never got in the real world.  I hope I continue to dream of her as she would be if she lived. 
     I wish to make the best of the situation that arise in this life and accept what I cannot change.
    I wish people would show more compassion as the holidays approach as well as my daughter’s death day.  I wish they would understand that this time of year is extra hard for me and my temper gets shorter as the days do.  I promise I don’t mean to be short.
    I wish for my daughter to be remembered and spoken of always.  I wish for people to not get uncomfortable when I talk about Reason.


      I want everyone who’s lost a child to not be afraid of speaking their name. I want parents to not feel like they have one less child or no children at all because they aren’t here with them.  I want their families and friends to never forget their child existed. No,  I need for their families and friends to remember the child or children that were lost. I need them to know that a new baby doesn’t replace an older sibling.  Even after a new child enters the family the child lost still needs to be acknowledged. That’s what I wish for more than anything for our children to be always acknowledged.



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