Happy birthday, little duck.

     Happy birthday Reason. My little duck, my life, my love, my Reason to wake up every morning. Today we went to the beach and we released balloons for you and tonight we’ll eat cake and send you a message in a bottle down the river since sending one in the ocean didn’t quite work out. It was such a beautiful sun shiny day today until the rain came in but that was okay. Your daddy was scared of the ocean at first but he ended up swimming in it any way and having a great time. I know it’s been a hard week for him, me too. Today was his first father’s day and he wasn’t allowed to hold you in his arms like I know he wished he could have. We both miss you so much and we both love you so much.


     Your grandma and grandpa and two of your uncle’s and one of your aunt’s came to celebrate you with us. I’m so happy for that.


     We got you a ducky cake and balloons we wrote you messages in a bottle, we did every thing today we could think of to keep your memory alive. You made this life worth living and I’ll try my hardest to make you proud and to live this life for you.





    I can’t help but to wonder what you would think of all of this, I hope you liked it and I know you were here with us in spirit, I just wish you had been here physically that I could have kissed your face and watch you make a mess of your cake I bet you would have lived that sweet frosting just a little too much. I promise to enjoy it for you. I promise I will never stop loving you. I will try to have more good days than bad. I promise to try to be strong for your daddy even when his sadness makes him angry. So many people have wished you a happy birthday and told us how much they love and miss you. Even though we’re not in Kansas anymore everyone back home is gonna celebrate your day for you. How beautiful is that? You are cherished and adored now and forever.We love you, we miss you. Love,


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