I’m not sorry

     In a lot of ways three months is harder than the first few days. In the first few days I had people who were there for me and who promised they would be there as long as I needed them. They were liars. The people I had known all of my life abandoned me […]

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Our Bane

We miss you, oh so much, dear love, it’s more than a heart can take. Nothing has been right, sweet love, since the day you didn’t wake. The sun may shine tomorrow , but the storm inside will rage. We will spend forever scarred by what we cannot change. The scars we bare may give […]

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It’s a bad night </3

      Why, why, why, why? I ask over and over, why me, why her, why us? Where did anyone get the idea that I was strong enough to handle this? How could anyone be strong enough to handle this? Why my daughter? Didn’t I love her enough? Didn’t I try hard enough? Why didn’t any […]

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Welcome to the club

     Welcome to the one club you never wished to join. Welcome to a pain beyond compare. Welcome to sleepless nights and days you want to sleep away. Welcome to wishing this was all a nightmare and hating waking up from the dreams of your child. I’m so sorry you’re here but I hope you […]

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