An open letter to Sam Brownback

Dear Sam Brownback,
       I have never seen a welfare program ran with less compassion than the SNAP program you cut substantially. You and your entire administration are so concerned with giving tax cuts to the rich and destroying Kansas’s economy you really don’t give a damn if the rest of us starve to death.
      My daughter died, before she was even cremated I recieved the sweetest letter from DCF informing me we would only be getting $91 dollars a month for food. Her daddy was laid off the day before she passed. We’re barely able to remember to eat so $91 dollars probably would have gotten us by. Two weeks later we get a letter informing us we no longer qualify at all since we’re both “able-bodied”. Frank hasn’t been called back in since Nov. 10th and he’s having a bit of trouble finding the motivation to do something new.
      Please tell me how able-bodied you would be if you lost your job and all of your children died. I’m barely able to wake up in the morning and your telling me I have to get a job working at least 20 hours a week? You must not have any experience with grief or depression, and I wouldn’t wish my experience on you but trust me, it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through. To find out we don’t qualify because we lost the dearest thing to our hearts is utter bullshit. If me not eating could bring my daughter back I would gladly starve but it can’t and all your administration is doing is causing pain and suffering to those who aren’t fortunate enough to make enough to get by. I’m sorry that I no longer have a dependant and that my job before she passed was devoting my every moment to her instead of “contributing to the economy”. Being able to parent your baby shouldn’t be a privilege only afforded to the rich. I was a damn good mother and I got to spend nearly every moment of my daughters life with her. That’s worth more than your $10 million dollars. Maybe you should cash that in for a soul. I know you’ll probably never see this and if you did you wouldn’t care, you already won the election after all, what do the thoughts of an economically disadvantaged mourning mother matter to you?

                          Savannah Rose


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