Reason’s Puppy

     On Haloween, my sisters dog had a litter of puppies. They would be ready just in time for Christmas and Frank had wanted a small dog for Reason to grow up with for a while, so we
decided we would get one for her. We saw the puppies several times before the 11th and decided on the biggest fluffiest dog of the litter. We decided to name him Chewbacca and laughed at how cute it would be to hear Reason trying to pronounce it.


     After she passed, we debated about whether we still wanted her dog. Everytime, I went to my mom’s and saw Reason’s puppy, he was so adorable, sweet and smart; I knew he would have made a great companion for her.


     A few days before Christmas we decided we would take him after all. I went to Petco with my mom after Chemo and picked up food, dog toys and everything we would need to take him home. So far he’s spoiled. We let him sleep in bed with us and we take him with us everywhere we go. It’s nice to have to be responsible for something other than myself. I have a cat as well but they don’t demand your attention like a puppy does.  Chewbacca doesn’t give me the same purpose that Reason did, and he certainly doesn’t come anywhere close to filling the void in my heart but it’s nice to have a small being to cuddle with at night.
     I can tell I’m going to me more attached to this dog than most other pets I’ve had because he should have belonged to my baby girl. He should have been her best friend and he would have kept both of us active with daily walks and trips to the park during nice weather. She would have learned to love animals and how to care for them, first by watching Frank and I and later by taking on the responisbilty of filling his food and water bowl. Eventually, she would have been big enough to take him out to potty all by herself.
     There would have been so many beautiful memories made and pictures taken of the love between a young girl and her dog. I know there would have been squeals of delight on Christmas morning as she reached out of him and felt his soft fur. I wish I could have seen it.
I can picture her trying to play dress up with him and putting his long fur in pony tails.  I could see her little toddler arms wrapped around him as she tried to hug him or carry him around the house. He wouldn’t mind though, he’d be used to it all and he’d love her just as much as she loved him. I hope you like your puppy little one, I promise to take good care of him.



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