Asking for a sign

     Reason, sweet girl, tell me why I’m still here. Tell me what I have to live for. Show me that this life has meaning. I was so lost before you came into my life and now I fear I’m lost again. You were my everything, you gave my life meaning. You showed me that […]

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Reason’s Puppy

     On Haloween, my sisters dog had a litter of puppies. They would be ready just in time for Christmas and Frank had wanted a small dog for Reason to grow up with for a while, so we decided we would get one for her. We saw the puppies several times before the 11th and […]

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Where’s your baby?

     The question hit me like a 16 wheeler. She didn’t know… I stuttered over my words and took a deep breath before I told her she passed away on Nov. 11th. I told her about how hard Christmas was and looked longingly at the healthy beautiful baby girl staring at me with big blue […]

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A Reason to be Weak

     It’s early Christmas morning and I can’t sleep. All I can think about is Reason not being her to celebrate her first one with us. This week has been one of the hardest since her death and funeral. It has been full of breakdowns, fighting and tears. This has been a week to realize […]

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A Reason to Smile

     Today Reason would be 6 months old, in honor of her half birthday I’d like to share with you the joy she brought to our lives. I’m going to attempt to write a happy post. I want to share my daughters smile and I hope in can be as infectious in pictures as it […]

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Dreaming of Reason

     Anyone who knows me knows I have always had very intense and strange dreams. My daughters death has definitely brought those out in numbers. Until last night, all of my dreams of Reason featured her corpse and not the lively little girl I knew and loved.      One night, I dreamed of her body […]

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